Capisa has a factory in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

These are some of its main characteristics:

  1. Industrial building for storage and ingredients (2,200 square metres).
  2. Two storage facilities for products in sacks (3,700 square metres).
  3. The factory (1,000 square metres).
  4. The piquera (1,000 square metres).

The piquera is where all the basic ingredients which will then follow an internal route until they are transformed into compound animal feeds are unloaded. The factory has dosing silos for storage and quality control of the ingredients at all times.

The Production Room, which is totally automated, has a central computer which receives the formula of the product that has to be prepared. Subsequently, through a series of control systems (electrical closing and opening, small scales, dosifiers…), the ingredients begin to be mixed in a tank (Mixer). Then, the sack-filler automatically fills sacks of the product, and these are passed on finally to the palletiser.

Once the production process is finished, the compound feeds are stored at the factory, and are available for distribution or collection.