In August 1964, COMPAÑÍA CANARIA DE PIENSOS (CAPISA) was founded as a Sociedad Anónima (Public Limited Company) dedicated to the preparation of compound feeds, although this activity would soon be extended to include animal feed ingredients.

Juan Ramos Suárez, José Ramos Suárez, Ramón Cruz González, Emilio Etala Herrera, Teodoro Rosales Hernández, Pedro Rosales Granados and Francisco Rosales Granados were capital investors who set up the company after having seen the need to professionalise livestock feeds in the Canary Islands.

Initially, the marketing of the products manufactured by CAPISA took place on the Island of Gran Canaria. A little later, the feeds were marketed all over the Canary Islands and were even sold in West Africa (a Spanish colony) and Mauritania. Currently, CAPISA sells only on the Canarian market.

As regards the ingredients, the cereals and plant proteins were imported mainly from the USA and Argentina. Years later, cereals began to be imported from Brazil, France and Bulgaria. Currently, apart from these countries, they are also bought from the Spanish mainland and the rest of Europe.

In 2002, CAPISA became involved in the livestock sector. That year saw the beginning of the operation of two pig farms on Fuerteventura and Tenerife. Subsequently, it bought cattle, which it installed in Gran Canaria and goats in Fuerteventura.

This diversification of economic activity made CAPISA the owner of 100 % of the capital of Silos Canarios S.A. This is a silo with capacity for about 30,000 tons of cereals, located in Puerto de la Luz y de Las Palmas with installations that are suitable for unloading and loading ships, as well as for the storage and conservation of the cereals and plant protein.