Academic area

In its policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, CAPISA annually makes an effort to support different areas of Society in the islands. This support is expressed in economic contributions to different groups of acknowledged prestige, by means of which we ensure that these contributions are indeed applied in an efficient manner and reach the desired audience. The people at CAPISA, the managers and staff, feel the need and wish to make the commitment to join the effort made by those organisations and persons who have made solidarity and the idea of social progress a guide to their conduct.

CAPISA has decided to promote projects in the educational sphere in the conviction that training is one of the main tools to achieve involvement in society and integration of those persons in the most precarious positions or who have problematic access to training.

The Canary Islands have one of the highest unemployment rates anywhere in the EU, related directly with the low level of qualifications and the low ability of those people who are unemployed to retrain themselves. In this field, Radio ECCA has been broadcasting training for over forty years through its radio network to Canarians with difficulties in gaining access to official education. Throughout its lifetime, RADIO ECCA has managed to train over two million pupils all over the islands, with special emphasis on groups from the Primary sector.

It is now more important, if that is possible, to contribute to the training effort and, the more so, to that of those persons who, wishing to improve their knowledge, find special difficulties due to the distance from educational institutions or their personal obligations.

Furthermore, the training model of Radio ECCA, with the approval of the educational authorities, and with the prestige of its great social valuation, is the first necessary step for CAPISA in its desire to contribute to the extent of its abilities to the improvement of the expectations of adults, thus giving support to the academic development of the Canarian population. For this reason, CAPISA has signed a collaboration agreement with Radio ECCA by means of which it collaborates in the funding of its projects.

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