In the framework of its policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, CAPISA annually makes an effort to support different areas of Society in the islands. This support is expressed in economic contributions to different groups of acknowledged prestige, by means of which we ensure that these contributions are indeed applied in an efficient manner and reach the desired target group. The people at CAPISA, the managers and staff, feel the need and wish to make the commitment to join the effort made by those organisations and persons who have made solidarity and the idea of social progress a guide to their conduct.

The current economic crisis that we have been experiencing since 2007 and whose effects are still harshly noticeable in Society, has worsened the situation of people with limited resources, leading part of Canarian society to need the support, either at a specific moment or in an ongoing manner, of institutions and organisations in order to be able to survive. The Canaries are a community which is especially sensitive to socio-economic changes, with the result that CAPISA considers it indispensable to devote resources to helping these people through organisations of acknowledged prestige and effectiveness.

For this reason, CAPISA, through its Programme of Corporate Social Responsibility, collaborates with the FOOD BANK of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, which has shown that it has the necessary organisation and acts with great rigour in this significant and difficult work that it has taken on: to cover the basic needs of those persons in a situation of risk or poverty.

You can find further information about the Food Bank of Las Palmas en: