Drug addiction

In the framework of its policy of Corporate Social Responsibility, CAPISA annually makes an effort to support different areas of Society in the islands. This support is expressed in economic contributions to different groups of acknowledged prestige, by means of which we ensure that these contributions are indeed applied in an efficient manner and reach the desired target group. The people at CAPISA, the managers and staff, feel the need and wish to make the commitment to join the effort made by those organisations and persons who have made solidarity and the idea of social progress a guide to their conduct.

One of the main problems of public health in western societies is drug addiction and the Canaries also suffer. Together with the dramatic family consequences, there are unavoidable social effects caused by drugs. On the one hand, they cause personal deterioration and in the environment of a large number of people and, on the other, addictions make it difficult or impossible to socially integrate individuals with this condition who wish to escape. One of the essential tools that drug addicts need to have when aiming to become involved in society is the development or recovery of their abilities for work. And this is precisely what the Yrichen Foundation has devoted itself to over the last twenty-five, during which time it has been given recognition of its work in many forms. More recently, since 2006, the FORJA Foundation has also been acting in this field of drug addiction. Yrichen and FORJA are not for profit organisations and are authorised by the General Directorate of Attention to Drug Addiction of the Canary Islands Government.

Both Foundations have programmes for treatment and incorporation into society and employment for drug addicts with which CAPISA collaborates.

You can find further information about Fundación Canaria Yrichen at: www.yrichen.org.

You can find further information about Fundación Forja Adicciones at: www.fundacionforja.org.