We have complementary feeds for high-performance dairy cattle with nutritional indexes of approximately UFL= 100 cal/kg, crude protein of about 14% and fat around 5%. On the other hand, you can find within this range feeds for semi-intensive production with indices of crude protein of 13% and with a greater contribution in fibre.

For the case of cattle for fattening, we offer complementary feeds from the second week of life up to slaughter, where we emphasise the high quality of the ingredients used in manufacture as well as the high energy levels in the fattening feeds and in starter feeds the high contribution of amino acids to create muscle.

TERNEROS ARRANQUE MAXI: A complementary feed with ideal nutritional characteristics regarding the contents in amino acids and vitamins for starters and raising calves from 2.5 months onwards as an initiation to vegetable feeds.

TERNEROS CEBO MAXI: A complementary feed with high levels of energy contributed as a result of the mixing of different top-quality cereals devoted to raising calves from 4.5 months of life onwards until slaughter.

VACAS LECHERAS MAXI: A complementary feed characterised by its high content in protein devoted to feeding dairy cattle during the entire period of lactation.