SOYA 44%: this is an excellent source of energy and protein, in particular lysine, and also contains significant amounts of essential nutrients such as linoleic acid and choline, which are highly available. It is sometimes dehulled to increase its nutritive value for feeds for suckling pigs and chicks at a young age.

GIRASOL: this is the main concentrate of plant protein. In most cases the seed is previously dehulled and extracted with solvents. Some extractors do not separate the husk from the seed, thus obtaining wholegrain sunflower flour. Sunflower products are highly palatable.

BEANS: these are a highly palatable ingredient of feeds for ruminants. Thanks to their high content in protein and phosphorus, they are a good complement to cereal grains. Protection with formaldehyde or heat processing reduce the degradability of the protein but at high levels of use they worsen the balance of essential amino acids absorbed in the small intestine.