For each productive stage in pigs, from the mothers to the growth of suckling pigs, we have a line of products which satisfy the greatest requirements regarding nutritional quality and which supply all necessary nutrients for the proper development of the animals.

• LECHONES MAXI: A complete feed prepared with high-quality ingredients and with contributions of energy that are ideal for starter feeds for suckling pigs from 42 days (12 kg BW) to 75 days of life (30 kg BW).

CERDOS CRECIMIENTO MAXI: A complete feed with good nutritive qualities as regards the contribution of amino acids and energy for correct growth of pigs from 30 kg. BW to 55 kg BW.

CERDOS ENGORDE MAXI: A complete feed with a balance between the contribution of energy and the concentration of gross protein for the fattening phase for pigs between 50 kg BW and slaughter.

CERDOS REPRODUCTORES MAXI: Used as a single feed to favour feeding in males, replacement sows, pregnant sows and sows in lactation.

CERDAS GESTACION MAXI: A complete feed with digestible fibre and with a good balance of the remaining nutrients for pigs in pregnancy, which is supplied at 2.3 kg per sow per day in the first third of the pregnancy, 2.5 kg during the second third and 2.5 to 3 kg in the final third.